Friday, 5 December 2014

The Tutor Pages

You can view my full profile by going to my own section of The Tutor Pages. If you click the big 'Contact Me' button near my photo you will be able to send me a message. What's also useful is that you do not have to register with the Tutor Pages first - you can just send me a message to request/discuss tutoring.

There is also a link to a short article I've written about individuality..

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Online Teaching - the next big thing?

If you are interested in receiving online tutoring - you can go to my profile on Tutor Hub. For traditional methods and contact details see my previous post below (from 7 years ago!).

The online tutoring on Tutor Hub is not video based. Also, you can get a lot of free support via the website - you pay when you need to actually speak to someone.

Thought I'd better write a new post on here so people don't think this is just an out-of-date website/blog!